Real RETRO Beat parties

So this I’ve found on YT. It’s the real deal with beat parties they should perform in Europe, too.
Video from 2007, music style original 60s, don’t know if it’s an original song, sounds a bit like one out of Motor City Online game theme. (btw. a great great game! the WoW in cars!)

And THIS is really the kind of music and fashion style I like VERY much!

Filmed in Super-8

  1. Nice! In many ways the 60s and 70s where the peak of good life. Let’s face it today almost everyone has become so hypercritical and economical about everything that it sucks.

    I still have a super 8 laying around somewhere at home. Bought on a fleamarket and never used it actually because film material is damn expensive to buy and develop now.

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