Random map RPG idea

For very short (a quick preview not yet complete):

I’ve got an idea to generate some random maps in 2D and then use them in 3D. For example for RPGs like Ultima / Wizardry. The following screens/videos were done on a C64.

This is a random map generated in 2D.

And this is the 3D map generated from the same 2D data above.

I’ve uploaded a video to show some of the features. There’s a similar map at the same size as above and a bigger one (to the max!):

This shows a little program running written in pure BASIC similar to the two pictures above in action. This is “live” and the real speed of C64 BASIC.
Of course this could be done easily in assembly language, and of course it could be compiled (tested that!), and of course i could and should write more about it…

Not to be confused this is NOT my code! It is a program from a C64 demo disk. My idea is to use it further for such game types. It inspires me for an RPG project i have in mind.

…to be continued…

    • DanSolo
    • December 4th, 2009

    The maze making routine is, er, routine, but the 3D drawing bit is optimized to hell for size. Good skills whoever did that!
    Looking forward to the “imminent” release!

    • Cryo
    • November 23rd, 2009

    Reminds me of the program on the C64 demo disk…

    • Yes, it is NOT my code. Didn’t think about the confusion. It’s meant as an inspiration for another game project of mine.

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