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Missing something…

Hi there! I just want YOU to take place in my mind (a bit), telling you a story of truth I’m just into it today.

Great thing! I just had one of those in the 80s for myself. But even then it was vintage from the 70s or some time around there.
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Play Texas Hold’em online

Watched some Pokernights on TV I finally crawled my ubuntu Synaptic Package thingie to search for some simple pokergame I found out there is a non-profit, open-source, online Texas Hold’em poker game.

It is multi-platform, available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Great thing!

So of course I had to try that, as there should be widely available poker players around the world, not registering on the typical online casino spamshit with losing their hard worked money.

Just poker for fun!

Key Features

Reviewed version 0.7.1 (release date 2009-06-25) – latest stable -DOWNLOAD-

  • Open source, so it’s “free” for everyone
  • No registration needed yet, so no fees, spam-mails or else
  • Local play against up to 9 CPU players
  • Network/Internet play against up to 9 human/CPU players also in mixed mode! Empty slots can filled up by CPU players
  • Multi-platform: MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Decent default setup
  • Very handy fine-tuning, a lot of settings available

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Pinball Wizard

Hello pinball fans and fellas, here comes the pinball wizardry with modern and vintage retro atmosphere back to your Windows PC.

Listen to Pinball Wizard from “The Who” while reading this post!


The famous Gottlieb, Williams and Bally arcade game creators ring a bell? And you spent some time with pinball games on Amiga/PC or the real deal in the past?

I discovered a really neat possibility to “emulate” real pinball tables on Windows. As I don’t really know a decent pinball game recently released for any non-console system, I crawled the web for any news on this kind of games.

The results are, there are two decent pinball emulators which you can load a helluva lotsa real tables in and play them in decent smooth speed.

I’ll give you a shot on one of them and how you could install and use it.

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