Missing something…

Hi there! I just want YOU to take place in my mind (a bit), telling you a story of truth I’m just into it today.

Great thing! I just had one of those in the 80s for myself. But even then it was vintage from the 70s or some time around there.
I miss it, beside the antenna i’ve seen mounted on every roof in the early 80s. i’m remembering that …

And also when I walked around with my daddy I got these catchups, when I was 3 or 4 yrs old. I love and loved it!

One can’t describe, it was way way awesome and truly the 80s, really! i’m really really into it if I’m thinking about back these days walking with my daddy, – “Kraftwerk – Antenna” – in my mind, seeing it FOR REAL IN THE 1980s and thinking about that ’til NOW!


I know, Kraftwerk performed this song a slightly way before… but… you know… it was playing on the radio “SWF3“, 94,8MHz UKW, analogue, FM, stereo.
Of course we didn’t have a radio equipment with us when we were walking. it’s just because the atmosphere, I thought about it. it was back in 1982.

My dad surely has got this flip-clock in the cellar somewhere, he keeps everything. Sometimes it’s annoying he keeps everything, but in this case it’s really cool and for vintage reasons!

These synthie sounds from the video above remembers me fully to the 1980s as i could see this age in my childhood and it’s still there until now! I know and see this stuff if it was just yesterday listening to that music.

But that’s not all… I also FEEL like I’d be in the 80s if I listen to this song. I then see and FEEL everything about the EARLY 80s then!

Get a flip-clock screensaver by clicking on the picture:

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