Amiga color, palette and image formats

As for a new project i have in mind, a text adventure with graphics like the magnetic scrolls series, I’m thinking about the image and color/palette formats the various amiga models use and handle.

The Amiga “Denise” chip is responsible for the graphical capabilities of the OCS/ECS amigas. That is the MOS 8362 “Denise” for OCS or MOS 8370 “Hires/ECS Denise” for ECS.

Amiga “Agnus” chip is responible for controlling the ChipRAM, DMA, resource management, video signals, copper and blitter.
See an “Agnus” table of various versions here.

For the 1992 upcoming AGA chipset both chips got renamed:

“Denise” => “Lisa”
“Agnus” => “Alice”

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Another cold November morning…

As I have to do two exams next week, I have to spend the whole next days with learning the “Technische Betriebswirtschaft” for my master degree in “Technical Management CCI”.
The examinations will be in “materials logistics” and “management and leadership“.

I also got a phone call today, that the next months after those exams I have to write my diploma thesis.
SO the Christmas holidays are saved, no boring meetings with the relatives…

Retro Sound Bass

Detected this link by browsing some synthie stuff on Wikipedia.
It is from the Vintage Synthesizer Page.
Incredible what the possibilities were back in these days and PURE ANALOG!!

The sound reminds me of 80s Commodore 64 games.

They got some more great stuff to dig up, even a YouTube Channel.

I’m searching for a long time for a possibility to “emulate” such real vintage synthie stuff on the computer. Don’t know yet, if there’s a decent software (also midi-capable) for that. The modern Synthesizer stuff like Rebirth doesn’t make me really happy. 😦

Is it dark outside?

For all you deprived childs, WoW kiddies and VAX nerds check this out if it’s dark or not! Now also on iPhone!!