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HowTo Defrag your HDDs PROPERLY!

Especially regarding to my FSX Report earlier, where HDD maintenance is very important, here’s a quick tip for keeping your harddisks in very good shape, speed and reliability. Also with context menu integration to defrag single files or folders!

JKDefrag v3.36 – FREE!

This is the tool you want for all your defragmentation and maintenance needs. Forget Windows built-in and other commercial products, as this is small, smart and does a very good job, speeding up your entire system, single harddisks or even folders or files. And it’s for free!

First of all get the appropriate version of the software regarding to your OS. It’ll work on any Windows above 2000 to Win7, 32/64bit versions.

Yes, if you visit the homepage there is a newer version resp. re-branded MyDefrag. Tested that and I don’t like it. Display flickers, technically not as smart as this latest JKDefrag and even not portable. Context integration? I don’t know. So keep up with JKDefrag.

Unzip into any folder you like, I recommend “C:\jkd”, as C: is my Win7 OS on.
Go to the JKDefrag.exe (JKDefrag64.exe) properties/compatibility and select “Run as Administrator”, apply and OK. Continue reading


Microsoft Flight Simulator X – Report & Tips

Hello blog fellas!

Finally an update here after more than two weeks. Yeh, sry, but the picture placement and some other “non-WYSIWYG” here pretty annoys me…

What the hell are you doing, marquisor?? Well, besides other things I recently got into aviation and want to let you take part in this review.


As I update this post more or less regularly here’s a short version list:

  • 0.1.2
    Added “Questionable Addons”, slightly more review experience added.
  • 0.1.1
    Added “Known Issue” in 3) … Recommended Addons for Ulitmate Terrain X
    Minor changes, links added
  • 0.1
    Initial release

Microsoft® Flight Simulator X

I installed FSX again. That is the Microsoft® Flight Simulator X. And I recently bought some or even some more addons for it spending ~ 200 EUR. But it’s looking pretty good now.

I also managed to finetune it to get decent framerates of my taste and beyond the magic 10 FPS rate.

If you consider buying this simulation (it’s not a game!), be sure you got at least quadcore rig 2,83GHz++ with fast harddrive and a mid-range gfx board, f.e. ATi 4000HD/nvidia 9xxx+ series.

You’ll be also unlucky with your new software, if you won’t dig into websites, forums and blog posts all about aviation and pc-tuning, as this is the first you have to do. Without the ambition to fly or old hardware I don’t recommend this flightsim.

Get a Trial version of FSX

1) Getting the sim running decent on your PC

Which takes some time, also with every addon you install you have to check all settings over and over again and keep your filesystem clean (defragmented), OS “houskeeping” is mandatory!

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