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Happy new year! – 2010

Hello fellas, ladies and gentlemen!

Some short wishes for you to have a very happy healthful new year. The next year everyone of us gets one year older, guess!

And that’s the point: Our experience grows, not only our sorrows! The time of “Rien ne vas plus” has gone, cards get shuffled again and everything might or seems to only can get better, as we grew up even more last year! Now ladies and gentlemen, place you bets again, you can’t always lose!

To have it not that dry speech here of course I got some fancy beat for ya…
It’s from Golden Dawn, an american psychedelic rock band (yeah, again! you know I love this kind of music!!). As read on wiki they’re similar to my real favourite garage psychedelic rock band 13th Floor Elevators.

Maybe give it a shot and think about above words. It also contains some of a message and therefore an addition: You don’t have to be starving, sometimes you just have to eat something that not seems very tasty (experiences)… IT’S EASY!

Enough of philosophical speech… Here it goes:

Best wishes! And let’s face it what awaits us in very new experience in 2010.
Keep cool, always in groove and smooth. Stay the way you are!


- real C64 8bit pic of me -

Greetings to:
Jens, Martin, Markus, Chris D., Melli W., Alex, Frank B., Wolli, Sebastian, Ingo, Toni, Matze, Kay, all my fellas at technician school esp. Stefan, Andreas, Jethro, Toni, all my fellas at BA and BiBu school esp. Rudi, Ralf L., Heiko, Markus L. and also Gero and Manuela, my old colleagues and fellas at the wagon factory, and of course my parents!

Myself, Chris D., John B., Seb. N., M.W., lottinger, Hank, SpaceRat, MFS, Babs, T-Low, DH, CH, sys2074, CL, Lander, Shawn, Predseda, Cerium, night_creature, turricanx, SarahKreuz31, EvilCensor (brute force!), Yojimbo, Krowbar, Papa_Shango