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Pinball Wizard

Hello pinball fans and fellas, here comes the pinball wizardry with modern and vintage retro atmosphere back to your Windows PC.

Listen to Pinball Wizard from “The Who” while reading this post!


The famous Gottlieb, Williams and Bally arcade game creators ring a bell? And you spent some time with pinball games on Amiga/PC or the real deal in the past?

I discovered a really neat possibility to “emulate” real pinball tables on Windows. As I don’t really know a decent pinball game recently released for any non-console system, I crawled the web for any news on this kind of games.

The results are, there are two decent pinball emulators which you can load a helluva lotsa real tables in and play them in decent smooth speed.

I’ll give you a shot on one of them and how you could install and use it.

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Random map RPG idea

For very short (a quick preview not yet complete):

I’ve got an idea to generate some random maps in 2D and then use them in 3D. For example for RPGs like Ultima / Wizardry. The following screens/videos were done on a C64.

This is a random map generated in 2D.
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Retro FX Collection

Hey pals,

I`ve started to create my own bunch of Game-Music mp3`s back in 2005. They were all recorded in Realtime (catching the Music while the Game was running).

And even if I edited/remastered them with various Tools (hell of a workย  :-\) they are, of course, far from being produced as a Professional would do this job. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even the CD-Tracks for the Sega Mega CD needed to be edited, though most of the Tracks were already mp3 files. :-\

All following mp3-Files weren`t compressed as I uploaded them to “4shared”, so a download isn`t necessary – you can play n` check them out on their linked Page. (just press the obligatory Play-Button :P)

Hope you like the >Retro-spective< ๐Ÿ˜€ (I will upload more of them these Days)

*-* Visit my YouTube Channel for more Game Tracks *-*




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Real RETRO Beat parties

So this I’ve found on YT. It’s the real deal with beat parties they should perform in Europe, too.
Video from 2007, music style original 60s, don’t know if it’s an original song, sounds a bit like one out of Motor City Online game theme. (btw. a great great game! the WoW in cars!)

And THIS is really the kind of music and fashion style I like VERY much!

Filmed in Super-8

“Hey Joe” garage version by The Soulbenders

I’ve found a quite unconventional “new” version of the famous “Hey Joe” originally performed by Jimi Hendrix

Here it is:

Typical Michigan garage style!